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Mar 30 2023.

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Cimco Qeshm Company has started it`s activity from 1995 and concentrated on special brands with high quality products under European certifications.

We have a guildline which is: working on high quality products with special services for dear consumers during all these years.[Read More]

Ball Valves

Cim 011-012-015

Category: Ball Valves
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Cim 011- 012- 015

Mini Ball Valve

This article was made in compliance with the quality management requirements of standard ISO 9001:2008.
All articles are tested according to the standard EN 12266-1:2003.
It can be used in a wide variety of sectors: heating, air conditioning, water, sanitary systems, pneumatic systems and
generally with any non corrosive liquid.
It is guaranteed for 5 years.
It is made of a brass alloy that complies with standard EN 12165-CW617N-M.

Nominal Pressure: PN 150
Operating temperature: -20 to 95°C.